February 20th, 2011

Episode #006 - Night on the Town

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Check out some of our new photographer friend Josh’s photos from our night on the town:

February 17th, 2011

Tonight Domestic Partners will be out on the town, scoping out Riverside’s hottest new eating establishment, The Salted Pig.  I’m looking forward to eating a fatty burger and tasting some new brews.

Afterward, we’ll be hitting NoNoNo Thursdays at the Crescent Jewel, a “nightclub” sponsored by fellow local blog Riverside Stylewatch.  It’s highly likely tonights events will be the subject of an upcoming episode, so stayed tuned!

Is Domestic Partners going to have a special episode about Portland, OR when they go on tour there at the end of the month?
Asketh - creepayliz-deactivated20130228

Yes, of course!  Not only will it be about Portland, we will record it IN Portland!  We even hope to have YOU as a guest!

February 16th, 2011

Domestic Partners on Tour!

Domestic Partners will be in Portland, OR from Friday, Feb 25 to Monday, Feb 28!

We hope to record an episode with our dear friend and Robyn’s former domestic partner, Creepay Liz Critchlow (of tumblr blog “My Temporary Tattoo is More Hardcore Than Yours”) and other Portland friends.  We also plan on getting real tattoos (and maybe some temporary ones), drinking lots of delicious local brews and eating food truck fare.

No other tour dates are scheduled as of yet but we’re hoping to make it San Francisco sometime soon, and have tentative plans for touring the deserts of Central Nevada next summer.

So I found this gem while browsing the internet this evening. A fashion blog featuring Riverside hipsters. Apparently this blog (or, I guess, the people who manage it) host a weekly party on Thursday nights at the Cresent Jewel downtown. Guess where Domestic Partners will be going tomorrow!

February 14th, 2011


Can somebody please explain to me why a person would pay $129 for cat clogs? Seriously?

Can somebody please explain to me why a person would pay $129 for cat clogs? Seriously?

February 11th, 2011

When is Domestic Partners going to come to SF for the blog conference?
Asketh - Anonymous

When is the blog conference?  Which other bloggers are going to be participating in the blog conference?  We are very interested but would like more information about this event before we commit.

I would like to know if Domestic Partners will be covering the Royal Wedding in the UK in April?
Asketh - Anonymous


February 10th, 2011